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How to create a digital marketing plan

When you create your digital marketing plan for the coming new year, make sure that you do not miss any important aspects of marketing or trends that you need to consider. Here … Read More...

How to showcase your authenticity on social media by Natchi Lazarus

Authenticity and trust are important words in business. They have always been important. But their importance has increased manifold in today’s noisy social media world where … Read More...

How to revive your linkedin account by natchi lazarus

LinkedIn is a powerful business tool. It has more than 500 million users and continues to be the No.1 professional social network in the world. Making meaningful LinkedIn … Read More...

What to measure in Google Analytics

Google Analytics can be a good friend to small business owners working on different Digital marketing activities to expand and grow the business - like Content Marketing, SEO, … Read More...

3 important marketing questions answered by experts at smmw

Today we have more questions about marketing than ever before. Why? Because of the rate at which marketing tactics are changing. If you have been watching or working in the … Read More...

Top Social Media Marketing Books 2017

If you try searching for the term 'Social Media Marketing Books' on Amazon or Google, you will end up with 1000s of results. With easy self-publishing options, there are more … Read More...

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Lyn Johnson
Lyn Johnson

I am so thankful for the work of Natchi Lazarus and the Open Minds Team. They have been an integral part of my business. Their help was invaluable as I initially set up my website and then their on-going support has been excellent. Open Minds Agency truly understands the complex and rapidly changing world of Social Media. They have helped to promote our business to the point that we show up first in Google searches as well as have increased exposure.  I continue to use their services and highly recommend them.

Kate Westlund
Kate Westlund
Communication Coordinator, State of Minnesota. USA / MNSure.org

I love the information provided in Open Minds Agency’s infographics. The graphics are attractive and they offer helpful, easily digestible information. They are the perfect accompaniment to the social media trainings I offer through my work.

Wayne Cerullo
Wayne Cerullo
Founder / B2P Partners

The Open Minds group is aptly named. They have always approached issues with an open mind as well as opened my mind to new possibilities. They stand behind what they say and do. They are an example of a digital partner, not just an outsourced web resource.

Cliff Stewart

Open Minds Agency makes us look good! From guiding us through the initial stages of establishing a digital presence to managing our social media campaigns, they established a powerful digital platform allowing us to communicate to our customers and respond quickly to marketing trends. This has been pivotal to establishing our reputation in the industry and is having a positive impact on our bottom line. I strongly recommend Open Minds Agency, best marketing decision we have made.

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